Ishan Shivanand

Yoga of the Immortals Research Shows Insomnia Benefits

The Yoga of Immortals is a complete, clinically validated stress management and stress reduction program. Physical postures and breathing techniques create a deep state of relaxation. Ishan Shivana...

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Meditation's Advantages

Meditation is a discipline that trains our minds to become more conscious. This can be accomplished by concentrating our attention on a specific item, activity, thinking, or notion. Meditation, whe...

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Ways to Improve Your Breathing

It is possible to improve your breathing with the help of several different breathing techniques. Yoga and meditation both offer some of the most valuable approaches. Pranayama is a Hindu practi...

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These Breathing Techniques Will Show You How to Breathe Correctly

The various breathing techniques might be your main emphasis as you learn how to breathe correctly. These include alternate nostril breathing and abdominal, rhythmic, and diaphragmatic breathing....

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Making the Most of Yoga and Meditation Techniques

According to Ishan Shivanand there are numerous advantages to yogic and meditation practices. These exercises, when done correctly, can help you lower your blood pressure and improve your respirati...

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How Yoga's Kundalini Energy Transforms You

According to Ishan Shivanand, the practice of yoga can assist you in reaching your goals. It can assist you in connecting to the universal energy and bringing your desires to fruition. Changing you...

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