Ishan Shivanand

About Me

Ishan's YOI programs have made a significant difference for numerous American businesses and HCWs around the country. His well-researched organized YOI methods have been demonstrated to lower anxiety, tension, insomnia, and depression while improving overall quality of life for employees, corporate executives, and many Military Veterans around the country. In fact, a recent study found that YOI programs had a hugely favorable influence on those who are battling with psychological issues, including clinically significant decreases in severe insomnia (82%), generalized anxiety (75%), and even moderate-to-severe depression (72%).

Furthermore, the app-based YOI Intervention program improved overall quality of life by 77 percent–a remarkable testament to YOI's success and Ishan's noninvasive approach to mental and emotional well-being.

Ishan's YOI program and humanitarian activities around the United States have also earned him the coveted Mindfulness Master and Executive Coach designations from leaders across the country. These are some examples:

A commendation from Nassau County, New York, in August 2021, recognizing Ishan's initiatives and their good influence on mental and emotional well-being around the world.

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