Ishan Shivanand

The Yoga of Immortals is a complete, clinically validated stress management and stress reduction program. Physical postures and breathing techniques create a deep state of relaxation. Ishan Shivanand, the creator of Yoga of Immortals, has been a prominent influence in spreading this ancient practice in the United States.

Exercise is also an excellent way to cure emotional and mental damage. According to Harvard Medical School assistant professor Elizabeth Hoge, it can be helpful for persons with generalized anxiety disorder, a persistent illness marked by uncontrollable anxieties, poor sleep, and irritability. In addition, it has been demonstrated that the practice reduces stress and improves the general quality of life.

The Yoga of Immortals curriculum incorporates yoga postures, breathing exercises, proper treatment, and meditation. The curriculum is helpful for people of various educational levels, from those with little prior yoga experience to professionals. This program's techniques focus on the pelvic floor muscles and specific energy centers. For example, in a study, participants with urine incontinence improved in the frequency and severity of leaks.

Yogis have also developed ways to revitalize the body and increase its longevity. For example, Yogis can change molecules in the body by practicing yogic techniques such as kaya Kalpa, para kaya pravesha, and Asmita siddhi. As a result, Yogis can avoid death and stay in one level of existence at will, in addition to obtaining longevity and health.

Participants can download and use the Yoga of Immortals app to relieve sleeplessness. An Institutional Review Board clinically validated this intervention, and its use was proven to enhance ISI ratings in those who experienced insomnia due to the COVID-19 epidemic. The study included 1,505 people who used the app for eight weeks.

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